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Hi! We're Brandy and Ben, and if your seeing this you probably know we are looking to do art commissions in the name of awesomeness!  Ben needs the funds for his trip to America to live with Brandy, and so in addition to working we have decided to sell art to help raise the money.  Commissions will be posted on our deviantart pages, Brandy: or Ben: , or if you would like the original copy mailed to you we can arrange that.  Here is what we are offering:

Sketch: $2

Inked: $5

Coloured (pencil): $7

Coloured (digital): $10

Ref Sheet (for an original character tournament): $10

Comic (per page): $3 -Ben offering only

Script/short: $2 -Ben offering only

Script/long: $5 -Ben offering only

Paintings (on paper): $7 -Brandy offering only

Paintings (on canvas): $15 -Brandy offering only

Poems/short: $2 -Brandy offering only

Poems/long: $5 -Brandy offering only 

Animations: Price varying, contact Ben for details. -Ben offering only


If theres something else youd like, just contact one of us and we can see what we can do! We may not have thought of everything we are capable of ^-~

We accept cards and paypal: